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What is BidClips?

BidClips is a communication and sales closing tool.

Mainstreet™ Glas-Avenue™ makes closing jobs easier when connected with our new partner, BidClips. Your customers can now start their quote online 24/7/365 through a BidClips widget placed on your website. Capture job information including pictures, upsell extra products & services, collect payments, and implement an automated follow-up system through BidClips until the job is accepted.

Once the job is accepted, a dispatch appears in your Glas-Avenue™ e-Orders for an easy quote-to-job transition. This valuable integration takes the hassle out of manual entry and simplifies your billing workflow. We make it easy to finalize the job—get the work order info, order the parts, schedule the job, complete the invoice and get the final payments.

Online Quotes

Start quotes online 24/7/365 through a BidClips widget.

Accurate Estimates

Interactive quotes configure the glass project accurately.

Seamless Integration

Information from BidClips is dispatched in Glas-Avenue™ e-Orders.

Automated Workflow

Dispatches make invoicing, finalization of job, and billing easy.

Improved Experience

Accurate quotes and increased communication improve customer service.


By using Mainstreet Glas-Avenue™ with our new partner, BidClips, you can use both great systems in one easy workflow. Consistent, detailed data across both platforms ensure auto and flat glass businesses deliver a job that is exactly what the customer expects!