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Software for flat glass shops

Mainstreet™ is the leading Point of Sale software and business management solution for the flat glass industry. We understand the complexity of your residential and commercial jobs and are committed to provide the best features/solutions for your success!

Our software, Glas-Avenue™, offers dimensional and itemized pricing enabling you to become consistent in pricing, empowers employees to be more efficient, provides you with a more professional presentation and helps you manage profitability. Parts are customizable and can easily be grouped with other parts to complete the job. Utilizing our entire Point of Sale software features helps you take the guesswork out of your residential and commercial flat glass jobs.


MobilePRO Tech App integrates with Glas-Avenue™ POS Scheduler

Glas-PAY™ Credit Card Processing receives payments online, in-person, over-the-phone, mobile, by text and email and posts directly into Glas-Avenue™ Point of Sale.

Multi-Store and Accounting options are available to complete your software needs. Mainstreet™ is the only glass software to offer its own exclusive integrated accounting along with a QuickBooks™ Online interface developed directly with Intuit™

Glas-Avenue™ Flat Glass POS features:

  • Quote, Work Order, Invoice
  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • 40+ Shapes for Dimensional Pricing
  • Progress Billing
  • AIA Forms
  • Pricing Options per Square Foot, Linear Inch & More
  • Inventory Stock & Set Reorder Points
  • GDS Estimating (Coming Soon)
  • Mobile Tech App (add-on) (Digital Measure Sheet)
  • Glas-PAY™ Credit Card Processing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Management
  • Reports
  • Administrative Control
  • API / Custom Integrations
  • Over 100 Printable, Exportable and Customizable Reports, Charts and Dashboards

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