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Mainstreet™ and Glass.com are proud to announce a partnership to offer Mainstreet™ customers a streamlined service for obtaining new glass replacement jobs!

From auto glass to windows, doors, showers, and everything in between, Glass.com has become a leader in procuring high-quality leads for the glass industry. With this partnership, Mainstreet™ customers will be able to receive glass replacement jobs from Glass.com users. These Glass.com users will receive an automated instant price quote (if auto glass) from Mainstreet™ customers and book with you directly. The user's information will seamlessly import to your Mainstreet™ account where it can be managed. No phone calls, no hassle—just more jobs!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the partnership between Mainstreet™ and Glass.com®:

How do I activate the Glass.com® lead service?

Simply fill out the email form on this page and Mainstreet™ will send you a personalized Glass.com® invitation link for your company. Use that link to set up your Glass.com® account. You'll need to fill out a little bit of information to complete your profile so that you can start receiving leads. If you ever need to adjust your pricing or service radius, you'll do so within Glass.com®. Otherwise, all of leads will be accessed within your Mainstreet™ account.

Do I pay anything additional if I don't receive any jobs?

No, it's free to sign up for this additional service with Glass.com®. You ONLY pay for leads/referrals you receive. The service can be turned on and off as needed.

Will I be billed by Mainstreet™ or Glass.com®?

Any charges will be added to your Mainstreet™ invoice.

How will I be able to check leads?

All leads will be sent to your e-Orders tab on your Mainstreet™ software, and you can find the information there anytime.

What exactly is a lead?

A lead consists of information from a consumer who has told Glass.com® they need glass services now. You'll receive the consumer's name, contact information and location where they want the job done (if not in-shop). You'll also receive the make, model, and year for auto jobs, the type of glass that needs to be installed or replaced, the price quoted, and when the consumer wants the job done. If the consumer has given us their VIN, Glass.com® will provide that, too.

How many other shops get the same leads as mine?

None! That's the beauty of Glass.com®. Your leads are yours alone.

How many zip codes can I target?

As many as your company wishes to service. You can change your targeted ZIP codes as often as you want.

What if I have multiple locations?

No problem! They can all be managed from a singular account within Glass.com®.

Do I have to do the work for the price quoted by Glass.com®?

Glass.com® gives the consumer a quote based on the custom pricing information you provided, including the price you gave them for the lowest part of the same type. Glass.com® also notifies the consumer that there may be additional costs for special options, such as rain sensors, embedded antennas, etc. The consumer knows the price may increase if other options are added.

What price do you quote if there is more than one part (more than one NAGS part number) for the same vehicle?

As you know, vehicles can have up to a dozen different NAGS part numbers for the same opening. If there's more than one, Glass.com® will choose the part with the lowest price (the base part) to show the consumer. Glass.com® lets the consumer know that options may increase this cost.

What about insurance work?

If the consumer told Glass.com® they're going through insurance, Glass.com® lets you know when they send the lead. If they have the insurance company's name, Glass.com® will share that, too.

How often can I change my pricing?

You can change pricing as often as you want, even multiple times per day.

What pricing options are available?

You can provide your own pricing and update it as often as you would like. You may do so by making your prices a percentage (plus or minus) of NAGS

List Price plus either a flat labor rate OR an hourly labor rate. If you choose the flat labor rate, that flat fee will be added to your NAGS List Price. If you choose the hourly labor rate, then your labor rate will be multiplied by the NAGS Labor Time for that part and then added to your NAGS List Price.

Have some parts that don't follow NAGS at all? That's fine. You can upload up to 500 part numbers in the exception list in your company settings. These also can be changed. If you have more than 500 parts that don't follow NAGS pricing, or if you don't use NAGS at all in your pricing, then you can download the easy-to-use Glass.com® template and provide all your part numbers and pricing there. In these cases, the price shown to the consumer will be exactly the price you provide on the list.

Read what others are saying

I'm very satisfied with my experience as a Glass.com affiliate. Not only do Glass.com customers look for quality workmanship, they are also looking for someone local and reliable they can reach out to when it comes down to "Auto Glass Needs".
Every Glass.com lead is a lead I never had and an opportunity to educate in what a proper windshield replacement looks like. I am not your average auto glass shop and that's what I love about Glass.com; their customers actually acknowledge that and expect above average results.
Clemente Prado (Righteous Auto Glass, Oxnard, CA)

We've been using Glass.com to gain new clients quite some time now. The website is super simple to navigate and we are basically acquiring a new client at a fraction of the normal cost. We are never in a position to turn down a client and the best client is the one that you don't have to work for. I'm a huge fan of Glass.com and will remain a user for a very long time.
Dustin Anderson (Anderson Glass, Waco, TX)

Becoming a Glass.com affiliate has helped us capture quality leads and convert sales we would have otherwise likely missed out on as opportunities. The detailed leads provided allow us to quickly reach customers to offer solutions and generate sales. In addition, we have collaborated with Glass.com in marketing efforts to help improve our visibility and reach in specified markets. If your looking for a way to receive quality leads and opportunities to boost sales, as well as gain an advantage over competitors, I highly recommend partnering with the team at Glass.com.
Brandon Davis (Sunroof Express)

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