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Glas-PAY™ Payment Processing by Mainstreet™

Mainstreet™ provides proprietary, cost-effective integrated payment processing solutions. Glas-PAY™ works directly within our Glas-Avenue™ software for credit card processing that helps you reduce costs, accelerate receivables, and streamline operations. Get paid online, in-person, over-the-phone, or through mobile, text and email. Let the convenience and benefits of Glas-PAY™ revolutionize your payments.

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Let the convenience and benefits of
Glas-PAY™ revolutionize your payments.

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Get Paid Faster

Get the same day or next day funding merchant account that improves cash flow.

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Lower Transaction Fees

Reduce transaction fees for both payables and receivables and pay with a single flat rate–never a percentage.

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Improve Margins

Provide the cardholder the option to choose less expensive processing options so your business pays less.

Glas-PAY™ Features And Options:

  • Glas-Avenue™ Integrated Processing
  • 24/7 Online Payment Portal
  • Email Link for Payments
  • Website Payment Access
  • Mobile Payments
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant

Since we own the payment processing company, we make the transition easy and ensure you have a smooth-running program.

We provide all the resources and backbone needed when converting, while you gain many new program features when switching to Glas-PAY™.


"One of the biggest game changers for me is the Pay Now feature with Glas-PAY™. I have a large client who made 2 payments in one day with this feature without any of my staff talking to them, and they are notoriously hard to collect from".

- Recent Client Comment

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